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Our Website is Live!

The Rocky Mountain Matchcover Club is now officially online. This website is still in its early stages of development, but will contain information on collecting matchbooks, matchcovers and matchboxes.

The club is organized in Colorado and has four local meetings each year. It does have members from across the US and Canada that receive a bimonthly newsletter and a few free covers with each issue. Dues are $7 per year, $10 for foreign collectors.

This initial website does include two features designed to help the collector. The stock girlie listing has been scanned and added to the website in the hopes that it can be easily updated here. The images from the casino club listings from the last two newsletters have also been added, along with the casino club listing number, with plans of adding many more color scans of casino matchcovers in the coming months.

This website is intended to both promote the Rocky Mountain Club and provide assistance to all matchcover collectors. We look forward to hearing from new and old collectors alike with questions, comments and suggestions for the site and the hobby.

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